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Yandrick Paraison's philanthropic journey evolved with the inception of the Paraison Invitationala charity golf tournament aimed at fostering camaraderie while championing a noble cause. Rooted in a deep-seated belief in community, this event has evolved into a pivotal fixture since its launch in 2021, drawing widespread support from diverse individuals and corporate partners alike. Yandrick's unwavering commitment to giving back underscores the tournament's mission, with philanthropy serving as its cornerstone.

Beyond the greens, Yandrick's impact reverberates through the creation of the Diversity In Sports Forum. This initiative is dedicated to amplifying and celebrating diversity within the sports industry, igniting meaningful dialogues, and empowering the next generation of leaders. As a former collegiate Track & Field athlete, Yandrick understands firsthand the challenges of breaking into the sports industry without adequate networks and resources. Thus, he aspires to pave the way for others—athletes and non-athletes alike—to access opportunities and thrive within the industry. Yandrick continues to make a lasting impact on the community, demonstrating a passion for creating positive change and fostering growth.   


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